Why Poland

It is time to discover this beautiful country located in the heart of Europe.

Poland offers a wide range of amazing locations, extremely rich culture and a very warm and friendly atmosphere – an ideal combination for an event location. It makes for an original and unique setting for any occasion and can satisfy the highest standards of expectation, whilst at the same time, being very affordable.


Popular Locations

Well known cities such as Warsaw and Krakow have been contributing towards Polish awareness for years. Whether you are thinking of hosting your event in one of these popular destinations or would like to explore some less recognized, but equally engaging locations, Beyond Poland Events will guide you through your journey of Polish cities, venues, restaurants and hotels.

Poland Map


A location for every budget

A key influencer to assist in your choosing Poland as your event destination is the fact that this country is still an affordable option for travellers. Just how cheap depends on which degree of comfort you are interested in and on factors such as location, peak and off peak season prices. To give you an indication of costs, if you were to plan a dinner celebration for 15 people in Wroclaw, one of the biggest Polish cities, in an excellent restaurant located in the heart of the city, you would pay on average 1500 PLN, which is £300. Alternatively, if you were to host your party 15km away from Wroclaw in the picturesque village of Sobotka, located in the shadow of the Sobotka Mountains, your £300 would cover the meal and accommodation costs for all your guests.

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Predictable weather

The Weather is also an important factor in the events world, and it might come as a surprise to you that (although not guaranteed!) seasons in Poland are much more predictable and, in comparison to an average British summer, you can expect much more sunshine, with average daily temperatures during the summer months of mid to high 20’s.
Winters are much more snowy and therefore cooler with temperatures dropping down to close to freezing on average. You could finally have that romantic horse drawn sleigh ride that you have always dreamed of!


Established events in Poland

Established events in Poland competition_Square

If you are still undecided, perhaps some knowledge of the Polish events industry will convince you. Poland, for some time now, has been a destination for international cultural, sporting and business events such as the International Chopin Festival, which has been held since 1946, the Warsaw Open (formerly J&S Cup) – a tennis tournament on the WTA tour that has seen stars such as Venus Williams compete, and the Poznań International Fair, the biggest exhibition center in Eastern and Central Europe, which in December 2008 hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in which more than 12 thousand people from 189 countries participated.


EURO 2012

And last, but not least, Poland, together with Ukraine, hosted the 2012 European Football Championships, that triggered a major boost in funds spent on infrastructure and tourism. Investments included new airport terminals in each host city, modernized train stations and countless hotels sprouting up across the country. This massive investment resulted in a record number of tourists and visitors to the Euro championships, with figures indicating in excess of 1.4 million people attending.

The world knows about Poland- It is time for you to discover it!

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