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Poland offers a wide range of amazing locations, extremely rich culture and a very warm and friendly atmosphere – an ideal combination for an event location. It makes for an original and unique setting for any occasion and can satisfy the highest standards of expectation, whilst at the same time, being very affordable.

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We decided to put Wroclaw first on our locations list, as we strongly believe it is THE place to be in Poland.

Beautifully situated within 12 islands formed by the river Odra, the Silesian Lowlands capital has been described by poets as “the Holy Blossom of Europe”, and by others as the “Venice of Poland”. There is a modern feel about the city, interlaced with a rich history that confirms Wroclaw’s importance within European culture and business.

Wroclaw is bursting at the seams with cozy cafes, excellent restaurants and charming hotels. Add to that plenty of places to shop and have fun and you will quickly understand this city’s exploding popularity.

Lower Silesia:

Lower Silesia is one of the most fascinating and historically turbulent areas of Poland. It is positioned in the southwestern corner of the country, where Poland shares its borders with Germany to the west and the Czech Republic to the south.
With Wroclaw as its capital, the area is situated within a convenient distance from both Berlin and Prague, easily accessible from many international airports and only 2 hours flight time from London.

With the ridge of the Sudetes Mountain range dominating the area, creating picture perfect vistas and very much un-spoilt surroundings. Here you can experience beautiful waterfalls, picturesque hiking trails and charming little towns and villages, offering an endless list of touristic attractions.

Gdanks & Tri-city:

The biggest and most important Polish coastal city, with over a thousand years of history, that influenced not only Poland but also the whole world. It is the birthplace of the ‘Solidarity’ movement and where the strike at the Gdansk Ship Yard in 1980 initiated the process of overthrowing the communist regime.

Gdansk is the largest part of the Tri-city metropolis, an urban complex extending along the Bay of Gdansk that also includes Gdynia and Sopot. Each of these cities offers a very different atmosphere, from historical Gdansk through modern and progressive Gdynia to touristic and relaxed Sopot. They attract different types of people, businesses and holidaymakers, but as a whole, create an eclectic mix that provides an exciting destination for those looking to host their next event in Poland.


Let us introduce you to this majestic city, where Polish Kings have been crowned, where one of the first universities in the world was established centuries ago, the city with the biggest and most impressive medieval market square in Europe.

Krakow has a special place in Polish people’s hearts, and we know it will leave a lasting impression on you. With close to 200 venues with conference and banquet facilities, over 6000 priceless architectural structures and some restaurants dating back to the 14th century, Krakow will fulfil your highest expectations and provide an ideal setting for your upcoming event.


The capital of Poland is a city with a turbulent past, which was almost totally destroyed during the 2nd World War, only to rise from the ashes and be heroically rebuilt by the recovering nation.

Possibly not the most romantic location on the Polish map, Warsaw can still surprise with its charming streets and boulevards.

Additional advantages of Warsaw are its modern, well-developed infrastructure, experience in hosting international business events and the fact that it is still a relatively affordable destination. Warsaw provides a refreshingly different location for businesses, whilst benefiting from its core strengths of economy, infrastructure and parliament.


Have you been charged with organising your companies special event and are looking for support and inspiration? By contacting us, you will gain access to our large portfolio of the best corporate events’ venues in Poland. You will discover an eclectic mix of the traditional, such as first class hotels and conference centers, but also more inspirational locations, for example, historical buildings, art galleries and refurbished industrial spaces. Whatever location/venue type you decide on, you can be assured that Poland is the right choice for you, providing originality and style and that we at Beyond Poland Events will plan and manage your event for you, in the most professional and efficient manner.

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