Weekend Weddings

A weekend wedding in Poland

weekend wedding

The latest trend in the wedding industry is the weekend wedding. While the traditional wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the most special events you’ll ever plan, your wedding goes by in a flash. Extending your wedding day to an entire weekend, where you spend time with loved ones, makes getting married even more magical.

With Eastern Europe becoming a popular destination for traditional Stag and Hen do’s, largely due to the vibrant atmosphere of the culturally rich town squares, warm and hospitable locals and lets face it, cheap alcohol and plentiful nightlife options, a weekend wedding can combine pre-wedding activities, the wedding day itself and post-wedding celebrations.

Poland can offer an impressive range of venues, including royal castles and charming palaces, equally as attractive as those you will find in either France or Italy, but with a more modest bill to pay.

The beauty and charm of still unspoiled Polish surroundings will provide a unique and ideal setting for your celebration, with hotels and venues of an international standard, and the freshness of the local food that will satisfy the most demanding diners. All of this can be realised on a much smaller budget than you would expect.

weekend wedding

Beyond Poland Events can create for you a special weekend wedding package that, on top of our other popular wedding services, can include:

  • • A welcome cocktail party
  • • Pre-wedding activities for you and your guests
  • • SPA treatments for the ladies
  • • Golf for the gentlemen (Poland has some of the best 19th holes!)
  • • Sightseeing and local attractions
  • • Post wedding activities for you and your guests

If you want to find out more about the weekend wedding options in Poland, please get in touch with as at info@beyondpoland-events.com and we will happily answer all your questions.