To scare or not to scare? – that is the ‘Polish’ question…

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I must admit, Halloween in Poland is somewhat of a controversial subject! While in America and the UK it is a time for childish fun, spooks and specters, wicked witches and scary monsters and a day full of amazing events, in Poland, its very much a sullen day, full of contemplation as we celebrate All Saints Day.

There is a resistance towards this ‘celebration’ as it is seen as an unwanted western influence and an unnecessary interruption to a day of consideration. Polish people have a very serious attitude to death and remembrance of those who are gone, and very often, don’t see Halloween as an appropriate way to treat this important subject.

But does it have to be the case of choosing between contemplation and fun? Lets remember that Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October and All Saints Day falls on the following day. Therefore, could we have a little fun with costumes, decorations and sweet treats as twilight descends upon the month of October, followed by a time of quiet reflection and contemplation as dawn heralds the start of November? A happy compromise that could work if we were only able to change our attitude towards foreign influence and so called ‘Americanization’ of our lives. Hands up who doesn’t send their loved one a card on Valentines Day?

A number of Polish hotels have come up with some rather interesting Halloween offers. If you are brave enough, here are the pick of the bunch:

1. Weekend Thrill at Best Western Hotel Zubrowka Bialowieza


Halloween in Poland

This hotel’s biggest advantage is its location. It is surrounded by the Białowieża Forest – an ancient woodland that straddles the border between Poland and Belarus. It is an established UNESCO World Heritage Site and the biggest habitat of Bisons in Europe.

The Zubrowka Bialowieza hotel has prepared a thrilling attraction for the Halloween weekend – a night time guided walking tour of the Bialowieza Forest to a mysterious ‘Place of power’. Some researchers are claiming that this area was an ancient cult-meeting place and it is believed that you can feel the vibes of positive energy. Along the way, they promising stories about the mysteries of the surrounding area and a host of specially prepared attractions – all designed with Halloween in mind! Make sure you pack some warm clothing and get ready for a scary night…

Details (only in Polish) at:,link:banery,id:54

2. Castle Halloween weekend at Ryn Palace


Halloween events in Poland

Another beautifully situated hotel, surrounded by some of Poland’s most beautiful lakes.  Ryn Palace has prepared a weekend packed with ghostly attractions! They are praising themselves for having the castle’s very own ghost (a princess who long ago lived and Died in the castle) and strongly believe those brave souls who visit the Palace over Halloween weekend have a good chance of meeting her! For those a little less thrilled about this prospect, the organizers have prepared a Spooky bowling tournament, a Dracula contest in the Dark Gambling Cave, a Medieval dance show & lessons and a Dark Adult cinema show!!!

Details (only in Polish) at

 3. Halloween for all the family at Hotel Platinum Aqua fun


spooky fun in Poland

This offer focuses on a fun-filled weekend for all the family, promising to provide excitement and also some rest for all generations. They have planned a costume party packed with animations and games for children, followed by the release of magical, flying lanterns. There is also a Halloween party for the adults, a family cooking workshops where you can learn to make a pumpkin head.

A new food and drinks menu has been specially prepared for the weekend and will include a ‘bloody’ welcome drink – “Vampire’s Kiss” and a ‘horrific’ sweet buffet for children including ‘chocolate tomb’, ‘sweet delicacy bat’ and ‘bowed witch’s legs’.

And while the kids are playing – Pumpkin face treatment, known locally as  ‘Polish beauty of the garden’ – a new, eco-hydrating facial treatment comprising of cosmetics with extracts of pumpkin – for Him and Her.

Details (Polish only) at:

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