Marta and Bartek’s Wedding


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When Bartek and I decided to set a date, we both knew we would require the services of a wedding/event management firm. We are both busy professionals with both of our jobs involving extensive travelling.

We contacted Beyond Poland Events due to their domain knowledge and because of the instant connection we felt when we met them. Relationships are key when entrusting someone with your wedding and we both found Renata and Ania to be professional, caring and passionate.  We signed up to their ‘A-Z Wedding Service’ which covered everything from Venue/hotel, menu design, logistics, legal requirements, entertainment etc  As we had guests coming from multiple Countries, we had Renata build us a website that allowed us to communicate with all our guests. We found this service to be a life saver. All wedding communications were in one place, allowing us to update people on travel and accommodation, provide message boards for info sharing and turn the weekend into the perfect celebration.

Our wedding was held over 3 days (weekend weddings are traditional in Poland) and Renata had loads of experience in this area. The entire engagement with Beyond Poland Events was a delight and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

Marta and Bartek

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