Legal requirements

Getting married abroad can often mean dealing with additional paper work in order to satisfy all the requirements of the local authorities, both governmental and religious.

At Beyond Poland Events we will do everything that we can legally do for you, and we will assist you with producing the required documentation and act as your intermediary regarding local matters in Poland.  We will deal with all the necessary translations and appointments, and only contact you when your input is necessary, such as signatures or personal appearances.

A Registry Office Ceremony (Polish USC)

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Required documentation can vary, depending on which country you are coming from. When it comes to British citizens, should they wish to marry at a Registry Office in Poland, they will be obliged to provide the following documentation:

  • • A valid ID (Passport will be the best option)
  • • A birth certificate
  • • A Certificate of No Impediment – your local Registry Office can issue such a certificate, and it will simply confirm that there are no legal objections to the planned marriage.  You will then have to have it translated by a sworn translator.

You will also be required to visit Poland, as the engaged couple will need to appear in front of the Polish registry officer, and, in the presents of the interpreter, state their wish to be married.

On your wedding day, you will be able to speak your vows in a language both of you understand (such as English) but the marriage certificate will need to be signed in Polish, therefore, you will once again need the services of a translator.

You can also find some more information regarding the Certificate of No Impediment, and other legal matters surrounding weddings abroad at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

A Religious Ceremony

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Poland, as we are sure you already know, is a traditional Catholic country. There are plenty of charming churches to choose from, but before you decide on this type of wedding, make sure you understand the following requirements set by the Catholic Church:

  • • At least one of you has to be Roman Catholic
  • • If you are both Roman Catholic, you will need to produce a license, issued by your local parish. You local priest will take you through the formalities and inform you about the criteria you have to meet and/or documentation you have to produce in order to receive the license. This will then be sent to Poland to your chosen Church where the wedding will take place.
  • • If only one of you is Roman Catholic, on top of the aforementioned license, you will also need a permit from the appropriate bishop in Poland (depending on the wedding location). It might sound scary but let us assure you it is usually a routine procedure.
  • • There is a legal agreement (called Concordat) in place between the Polish State and the Roman Catholic Church, which states that no marriage may be pronounced in a RC church in Poland without civil consequences. That means that you will either have to be legally married in a registry office in advance or decide on a concordat wedding (see below).

A Concordat Wedding

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This is effectively a wedding ceremony that combines both religious and civil aspects of getting married.

In order to be able to arrange a concordat wedding, you will need to go though both the Polish Register Office and the Catholic Church procedures (as detailed above).

After meeting all the requirements, the registry office will issue a certificate that you will need to present, along with other documents required by the church (in the parish that you have chosen to get married in).

Similarly to the Civil Ceremony, an interpreter will have to be present during the signing of the marriage certificate as these are issued in Polish, but you will be able to declare you marriage vows in English.

Whichever ceremony you decide on, our specialists at Beyond Poland Events will guide you though the complicated legal procedures and/or Catholic Church requirements.

To find our more about how we can help and advise you on legal requirements for marriages within Poland, please email as at and we will happily answer all your questions.