Corporate events


The success of a corporate event reflects not only on the person charged with arranging it, but also on the entire organisation. That’s why firms should enlist the best, and let Beyond Poland Events plan and manage their event.

Beyond Poland Events has extensive experience across multiple different corporate events, including Product launches, Staff off-sites, Team buildings, Conferences, Galas and Incentive travel events. Here is a selection of events we specialize in:

Team focused events

Team building events:

We understand that team building is essential to create solid foundations for strong relationships between your team members, as well as to unleash the hidden potential of your employees. Our team will discuss your objectives and expectations towards your upcoming team building event, and we will be able to plan it in the most exciting way for your employees and at the same time, the most beneficial way for you.

Hosting your team building in Poland will bring freshness and innovation into your event. We will involve your employees in carefully designed activities, some of which shall be based on Polish culture and traditions, or related to local attractions, that will not only guarantee good fun for all, but also strengthen relationships within your team.

Client focused events

Client focused events:

Whether you are planning a notable product launch, a client open-day or a corporate hospitality event, Beyond Poland Events knows how to get it right. We appreciate that client focused events are not only about wining and dinning. They are about strengthening key relationship, winning your clients trust and building a rapport. Often, they are about providing a once in a lifetime experience to your best customers, business partners and/or stakeholders.

Poland, with its newly developed network of 5 star hotels & SPA resorts and beautifully renovated castles and palaces, is an ideal location for your special event. You can also choose to entertain your guests during one of the many internationally recognized events already hosted in Poland.

Client focused events
CSR events

CSR Events:

Very popular and much needed events that underline organizational involvement in society. Nothing makes the employees bond stronger than working together towards a worthy initiative. The feeling of achievement is much greater than with any other team building activities. Also, the costs of CSR events can be significantly lower. Moreover, the publicity of such an event can bring your organization positive PR.
Need we say more?

Just give us a call and start planning your CSR event and our team of experts, headed by Marta Romanow, will prepare an offer specifically tailored for your business needs.

If you like to find out more about Corporate Social Responsibility and the benefits it brings to your business read our blog here: Beyond business as usual.



Effective conferences are an important part of a communication campaign. It is often your best opportunity to send your message to your staff, clients, business partners and key industry people. They are also about embracing the energy of a group to get people facing in the same direction. And finally, they are about the long-term legacy and how you utilize it to strengthen your brand and business.

We understand how important it is to get it right. We will work with you closely to formulate your event objectives, which will then set out the steps for the operational planning of your event. We also work with the best suppliers and contractors to ensure that all elements of the conference operation, are top quality and customized to truthfully and effectively communicate your message.

Incentive travel

Incentive Travel:

Reward your staff by taking them to one of our fantastic incentive travel tours. Poland can surprise you with its beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque hills and mountains and a large choice and verity of historic cities and locations. You can use one of our ready made packages including locations such as Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lower Silesia, or we can create a tailor made offer fitting your chosen destination and individual schedule.

We want you to discover the Poland that you have never known, the Poland of beautiful landmarks and a rich history, blending together old and new in a unique and fascinating way and providing an ideal setting for your next incentive travel tour.

Cocktail receptions & galas

Galas & cocktail receptions:

Embrace the spirit of Polish hospitality by choosing Poland as the destination for your gala dinner or cocktail reception. If you want your celebration to be extraordinary and unforgettable, than leave its planning and organization in the capable and safe hands of the specialists from Beyond Poland Events. We understand your requirements better then anyone else and thanks to our local resources, we will be able to fulfil all your desires.

At Beyond Poland Events we have a large portfolio of unique venues, top catering providers, talented entertainers who will guarantee your event to be successful and memorable.

Cocktail receptions & galas
  • Natalja Sunevica

    Without having any prior references or recommendations, the decision to contact Beyond Poland Events was based solely on the look and content of their website. And after just first communication with Ania Hopcroft we were convinced that the decision was right

    Natalja Sunevica
    Norock & Co AS
  • Adam Stern

    Ibacas were looking to push the envelope in terms of content and location for our team building event, and found Ania and her team very receptive of our requirements. Each point was well thought out and the entire package was expertly designed and presented

    Adam Stern
    MD, Ibacas Consultancy
  • Bogdanov Victoria

    I am very pleased with our cooperation, your responsiveness, the clarity of actions and the desire to always help. Thank you for always being in touch and promptly connected to the issues. If all agencies worked like you, then the events would become much better

    Bogdanov Victoria
    Account manager, Relanta Event Agency


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At Beyond Poland Events we specialize in international weddings organised in Poland. We have worked with many different nationalities and we pride ourselves on being very creative, organized and knowledgeable. We also understand that your wedding day has to be perfect, and as such, it should be tailored to your preferences, dreams and expectations, that’s why we prepared multiple services and different packages to suit you. Our services range from a complete A-Z Wedding Planning, expert venue search and liaison to Legal assistance.

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