10 Most Beautiful Ballrooms in Poland

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Modern and old, large and small, round and square, all designed to astonish with either size, splendid décor or both…Ballrooms of Poland.

The undiscovered glamour of this Eastern European country would astound the most sophisticated of tastes.

If you have always dreamed of a reception in a grand ballroom, a wedding in a royal hall or, if your company is looking for a venue to impress the most important clients, start your search here.

We have prepared a selection of the 10 most beautiful ballrooms in Poland, all available to hire for your special event.

1. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, The Great Assembly Room


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The Great Assembly Room, also called the Ballroom, is the largest and grandest room in the Castle, with the impressive décor and artwork designed by outstanding artists from the second half of the 18th century. It was here that banquets, balls, concerts and theatrical performances were held during the reign of King Stanislaus Augustus. With 321 m2 of floor space, the ballroom can comfortably accommodate events for up to 200 people.

2. Kurozweki Palace, The Ballroom


wedding in Kurozweki Palace

This beautiful and extensive hall, where local prominent families hosted dinners in honor of Polish Kings, was added to the existing palace in the 18th century. The Palace itself dates back to the 16th century and has been recently brought back to its previous glory. The ballroom has a capacity of 100 people and is an ideal location for an aristocratic style wedding reception.

3. Rydzyna Castle, The Ballroom


wedding in Rydzyna Castle

One of the most beautiful baroque interiors in Poland. The monumental ceiling fresco describes a wedding of one of the owners and the columns surrounding the entire room add additional grandeur to this hugely impressive venue. 250 m2 of space can accommodate conferences for 250 attendees or a wedding for over 100 guests.

4. The Lazienki Palace or Palace on the Water, The Ballroom


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The highly artistic atmosphere of this ballroom has been carefully planned by its founder, Polish King Stanislaus Augustus, who intended to illustrate to future generations how important music and culture were for the country. Nowadays the venue is mostly used as a piano concert hall or for other classical music events. It can comfortably sit 140 guests and is ideal to host, for example, Chopin concerts or other cultural activities for the more refined guests.

5. Prymasowski Palace, The Column Hall


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The Column Hall, also known as the ballroom, is the largest and most imposing hall of the Prymasowski Palace. The venue is situated in the heart of Warsaw and serves as conference centre. Modest but still impressive décor allows for the space to be easily transformed to the specific requirements of the event. It is also connected to another 8 impressive rooms of the palace, providing a total 1000 m2 of event space.

6. Poznanskiego Palace, The Ballroom


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Poznanski Palace is the most impressive building in Lodz, a post-industrial city in Central Poland. The first owners, the Poznanski family, were the creators of one of the largest cotton factories in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently the building serves as a museum and event space. It is often referred to as Lodz Louvre due to the architectural similarities of the buildings. The Ballroom, also called the Mirror Room, has undergone a complete renovation and has been open to the public since January 2013. It has a very rich décor with diverse and refined details. It is an ideal space to host an impressive corporate event.

7. Tyszkiewiczow Palace, Column Hall


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If columns are your thing, this is the place for you! It is the grandest hall of the Tyszkiewiczow Palace, located in the centre of Warsaw and considered one of the finest classical structures in the city. The Column Hall’s main decorations, next to the impressive columns, are plaster casts of the greatest ancient and renaissance sculptures. The space is ideal for an exhibition or a large networking event with its décor lending itself as a fantastic conversation opener.

8. Ksiaz Castle, Maximilian Hall


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Maximilian Hall – the most splendid hall of Ksiaz Castle and one of Poland’s most beautiful Baroque halls. Its name refers to Konrad Ernst Maximilian von Hochberg who in the 18th century, modernized the castle and shaped it into its present form. The castle comprises of several conference/event spaces and an extensive ballroom, but the Maximilian hall is a fantastic space for a wedding ceremony or a welcome reception. Extensive and very rich décor provides a magnificent backdrop to any important occasion and from its windows, you can admire the breath-taking views of the valley on top of which this magnificent building is situated.

9. Czarneckiego Palace, Crystal Hall


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The most modern addition to our list, Czarneckiego Palace has been decorated to imitate an old Polish state house with contemporary additions such as SPA centre and AV equipped halls. The biggest and most impressive – Crystal Hall, is beautifully decorated with remarkable columns and shiny marble floors and could comfortably seat 600 in theatre configuration and, in connection with other ballrooms within the Palace, could host an event for up to 1300 guests.

10. Grand Hotel Krakow, The Mirror Hall


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The Mirror Hall restaurant is certainly one of the Old Town’s finest halls. Covered with a stained glass window roof, full of the glitter of crystals and mirrored reflections, this must undoubtedly be the place where you would invite your Guests. The Restaurant corners incorporate intimate studio spaces and boxes, ideally suited to meetings for just a few people. Ideal for an elegant event for up to 120 guests, with the possibility to extend the hall (by combining the space with the Banquet Hall) and increase the number of seats to 200.

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